Through ground-breaking research, we have seen remarkable advances in prostate cancer detection, treatment, and survivorship in the last 10 years. However, much remains to be accomplished and we see great promise in the research that your support makes possible.

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The Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer strives for better treatments and survival of prostate cancer through a network of Canadian researchers conducting novel research. Read on for more information about prostate cancer, its symptoms and existing treatments.

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Your contribution to the Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer, large or small, funds crucial work in the field of prostate cancer research that will help to save lives. Please consider donating today.

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The Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer promotes cancer prevention and survival through a better understanding of cancer causes. Through novel research being conducted by Canadian scientists, your donations are helping to save lives.

Since 2011, the Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer has been committed to curing prostate cancer. We are a non-profit organization that funds and accelerates advanced research in Canada. The Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer has identified unique strategies to invest in the most promising research programs that generate life-saving results. We channel resources to Canada’s top scientific minds-cutting red tape and encouraging collaboration to speed breakthroughs.



For Canadian men fighting prostate cancer and their families, the Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer is a primary source for new standard-of-care and research information. We connect patients, loved ones, care providers and scientists to critical updates, the latest developments, best practices and news from the treatment pipeline.